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Multi-family general contracting & development throughout the Mountain West.

Small town heart with big city experience.

We stand by our word and our work.


Drake specializes in multi-family and multi-use landmark construction. Thoughtful building in downtown areas that enhance the history and charm of communities, while meeting needs for housing and commercial space in a socially sustainable way. Licensed to build high-rise structures, we bring our expertise in urban infill and complex mixed-use projects to expanding communities throughout the Mountain West.

A partnership with Drake begins at your conceptual phase – we will help establish, refine, and deliver your project on time and on budget with an experienced project team. Construction success is all in the details; allow us to help with the design and provide accurate budgets and value engineering early and often. Our relationships with industry-leading subcontractors will ensure we have the right team to get the job done.

  • General Contracting
  • Overall management and coordination through project progression
  • Asist with Design Development from start to finish
  • Project scheduling including Design Coordination prior to construction beginning
  • Utility coordination for Design & Permitting
  • Permit modifications and monitoring
  • Project close-out, including management, commissioning, and warranty
Aerial view of the Zia Sunnyside building development

Quality is created by focusing on the details

At Drake, our teams are dedicated solely to one project at a time.


We’re here to help your team navigate all the intricacies of designing a large, multi-family project. Our expertise brings a level of detailed design to the team early, Drake will guide you with integrity—ensuring a solid foundation for success. 

A successful project is more than the end result, it’s also the smooth coordination of owners’ goals as drawings progress while providing guidance on value engineering, green building requirements, city and state regulations, and constructability.

As a trusted partner in your project’s development, Drake will provide:

  • Design assist for Constructability
  • Value Engineering Review for Overall Building
  • Coordination of Utilities and Utility agreements
  • Provide drawing review and notes for Coordination 
  • Overall building Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical systems review and advising
  • Ongoing project monthly review – Items to be discussed on case-by-case basis

Relationships build results

From subcontractors to owners, we value our team.

At the core of every project is our network. Our subcontractors and design teams are industry leaders within their craft and true professionals.  Through genuine collaboration, we’ve built a culture of teamwork and trust. As a team, we skillfully maneuver through a constantly changing construction environment to ensure that your project is built as efficiently and economically as possible. Under our leadership, we guarantee quality results, no matter the unique challenges that each project brings.  


Invest with us

Building legacy in the Mountain West

Landmark developments for growing communities.

Drake development projects provide opportunity for our partners and investors to convert properties into high-yielding real estate developments. Each Drake project is approached as a long-term investment through all planning phases and constructed with focus on longevity and sustainability.

We believe that economic growth and preserving a town’s charm shouldn’t compete within the community. We make this happen by respecting a town’s history and valuing the needs of the people who live there with every project. Our buildings are designed to stand up against trends and time by turning to the area around us and providing a product that is thoughtfully placed.

As experts in mixing both market rate and affordable units alongside retail and office space, we create a real estate investment partnership that combines owner expertise with design and construction insights to maximize value short and long term. If you are a property owner or interested investor, we will work with you to find any size opportunity that aligns with your financial goals.